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WYSIWYG? …Not really.

WYSIWYG is an acronym that stands for “What You See Is What You Get” and in the web design world, refers to applications like Adobe Dreamweaver, MS FrontPage, ExpressionWeb and other similar programs that allow people with no knowledge of … Continue reading »

Designers: Save your eyes with f.lux

Designers, almost more than any other workers, punish their eyes by routinely working deadlines late into the night. f.lux is a small free program developed to help reduce eye-strain. Basically it warms up the colour temperature of your screen during … Continue reading »

Top 100 Web Design Blogs

The team at CouponAudit has put together the below infographic regarding the top 100 web design blogs in the world, and listed this blog as number 35… This infographic is no longer available so we have removed the link to … Continue reading »

Average Price for Web Design – 2013

You may remember the article I posted back in 2010 entitled Average Price for Web Design – 2009 … well since then, we’ve had a recession and the price of living has gone up, so I decided it was high … Continue reading »

Advertise on Web-Design.co.za

Our adverts section of the web design directory is getting a little crowded and we’ve been receiving more and more enquiries from companies who wish to pay more to be at the top of the ad list. We couldn’t allow … Continue reading »

Telephone Spammers

If you are routinely harassed by telemarketers (usually selling insurance or cellphone contracts), you may be interested to know that many of the companies you have accounts with (Woolworths, Edgars, Nedbank, FNB, etc) share your details with other members of … Continue reading »

Designing a Search Engine Friendly Website

In the past we’ve had numerous enquiries from webmasters and website administrators, asking why are my internet pages not ranking in the search engines? Generally, one of the problems is that they have not necessarily designed search engine friendly websites. … Continue reading »

Why you need a well-designed website

Businesses and other organizations are slowly but surely recognizing the need and importance of having a well established online presence. It is not enough to just ‘appear’ online, there is so much competition on the internet that you need to … Continue reading »

IE9’s Marketing BS

A few years back there was a prevalent internet banner advert by Mozilla Firefox claiming that by switching to Firefox, you could surf the web faster. I remember having a good laugh about the blatant lie and even proved it … Continue reading »

New International Web Design Directory Launched

We feel it is a shame that we have had to turn away so many foreign web designers who have wanted to list their web design firms in our South African Web Design Directory, but we also didn’t want to … Continue reading »


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