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Firefox Quantum – Why is it faster?

For those interested in web browsers: Firefox has just released a new rebuilt version called ‘Firefox Quantum’, which is reportedly faster than Google Chrome. Google Chrome’s speed has been a notable factor in its successful campaign of getting users to … Continue reading »

New Collaboration Directory

Since its inception back in 2007, this site www.web-design.co.za has grown far more popular than we could have hoped for. Back in 2010, we had to start an International Web Design Directory to deal with all our foreign applications, but … Continue reading »

Browser Testing for Multiple IE’s and Mobiles

You’re a good web designer and you want to ensure that the websites you design are accessible, user friendly and display correctly for as wide an audience as possible. Its simple enough to install the ‘big 5’: Internet Explorer, Firefox, … Continue reading »

Top 100 Web Design Blogs

The team at CouponAudit has put together the below infographic regarding the top 100 web design blogs in the world, and listed this blog as number 35… This infographic is no longer available so we have removed the link to … Continue reading »

IE9’s Marketing BS

A few years back there was a prevalent internet banner advert by Mozilla Firefox claiming that by switching to Firefox, you could surf the web faster. I remember having a good laugh about the blatant lie and even proved it … Continue reading »

New International Web Design Directory Launched

We feel it is a shame that we have had to turn away so many foreign web designers who have wanted to list their web design firms in our South African Web Design Directory, but we also didn’t want to … Continue reading »

IE8 Beta Launched

Microsoft have just launched Internet Explorer 8 Beta and it has some very interesting features. While other leading browsers like FireFox, Opera and Safari have tried to build their sites with the World Wide Web Consortium’s standards in mind, Internet … Continue reading »

(X)HTML 5.0

Today the W3C released an editors draft of HTML 5. (X)HTML 5.0, also referred to as Web Applications 1.0, is now in it’s early stages of development, which means that you can even take part in some of the discussion … Continue reading »

Report Website Spam

Those of you who own a blog or forum in some form will really know what spam is. Websites like these suffer from daily deluges of comment spam…comments that are placed for one reason only, and that is ‘link dropping’. … Continue reading »

XML Sitemaps

What do Google, Yahoo & Microsoft have in common? …They all advocate the use of sitemaps. All three companies jointly maintain the website “sitemaps.org” So what are sitemaps? Well theres the usual HTML sitemap, which is a section of a … Continue reading »


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