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Web-Design FAQ

If you would like to contribute an article, send us an containing the following information...

  1. Your article Title
  2. The article itself, typed in notepad
  3. The author's name
  4. The author's website address so that we can give credit

The article should be well written, factual, and naturally, related to web design in some way. Furthermore, the article should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Please have a look at an article already in our database for the format and suggested length of the article.

We don't want to post duplicates of existing articles so please ensure the submitted article is original and does not appear anywhere else online.

If you have not had a response within a month, please consider your article submission rejected.

To get a listing on the directory page, start by choosing a listing type, and be sure to adhere to the application rules to ensure success.

Fill in the same form that you filled in when you first applied with your new info, and change the toggle from 'A New Listing' to 'An Update to an Existing listing'. We will compare it with what have and change accordingly. If you need to change your main URL, rather contact us via .

The text listings used to be alphabetical but are now on a first to apply, first to be listed basis. Priority Image Listings are always above Reciprocal Text Listings. If you need more visibility, you could Advertise on the home page instead. We also have an International web designer directory and a Collaboration directory for web designers and those in complimenting industries like hosting, programming, marketing, etc.

We have two types of adverts...

  1. To advertise your web design company with a graphic on the web design company directory page, fill in the this form.
  2. To advertise on the home page instead, fill in the this form.

Although we routinely monitor the links in the directory, we would be very grateful if you would let us know if you come across a bad link. Please send us an .

If it involves plagiarism or any other illegal activities, please let us know via . We do not want to list criminals.