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New option to subscribe

Sorry this has taken so long. After repeated requests, we’ve finally implemented a means to subscribe to blog posts. You can find the subscribe form on any page in the blog. It will be in the right hand column if … Continue reading »

New Responsive Design

You may have noticed that our blog skin no longer matches the rest of our website. This is because we are slowly converting the site to a new responsive design and haven’t gotten to the blog yet. We will be … Continue reading »

New Collaboration Directory

Since its inception back in 2007, this site www.web-design.co.za has grown far more popular than we could have hoped for. Back in 2010, we had to start an International Web Design Directory to deal with all our foreign applications, but … Continue reading »

Top 100 Web Design Blogs

The team at CouponAudit has put together the below infographic regarding the top 100 web design blogs in the world, and listed this blog as number 35… This infographic is no longer available so we have removed the link to … Continue reading »

Advertise on Web-Design.co.za

Our adverts section of the web design directory is getting a little crowded and we’ve been receiving more and more enquiries from companies who wish to pay more to be at the top of the ad list. We couldn’t allow … Continue reading »

New International Web Design Directory Launched

We feel it is a shame that we have had to turn away so many foreign web designers who have wanted to list their web design firms in our South African Web Design Directory, but we also didn’t want to … Continue reading »

Web Design Award Winner

Congratulations to our first web-design award winner who qualifies for free exposure on our site for a month in the form of a thumbnail on the web design award page. Since we launched the awards, we have received a deluge … Continue reading »

Web-Design Advertising Option

A user of this website complained a while ago about the fact that the web design companies are listed alphabetically. He asked us “How can I get on top, don’t you have an advertising option?”. We didn’t, and quite honestly … Continue reading »

Web-Design Blog Skin

Today we modified the skin/theme of our news blog to fit more in line with the rest of the web design. There are still some minor skin issues to be resolved but as a whole, it seems to be working … Continue reading »

Website Marketing

Well so far, we have submitted our sitemap.xml for Google, our urllist.txt for yahoo and we are listed on Ananzi. Time to start the big search engine submission campaign. Does anyone know of any good, SEO friendly, free directories? Also, … Continue reading »


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