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Report Website Spam

Those of you who own a blog or forum in some form will really know what spam is. Websites like these suffer from daily deluges of comment spam…comments that are placed for one reason only, and that is ‘link dropping’. … Continue reading »

Web Design Award Winner

Congratulations to our first web-design award winner who qualifies for free exposure on our site for a month in the form of a thumbnail on the web design award page. Since we launched the awards, we have received a deluge … Continue reading »

Web-Design Advertising Option

A user of this website complained a while ago about the fact that the web design companies are listed alphabetically. He asked us “How can I get on top, don’t you have an advertising option?”. We didn’t, and quite honestly … Continue reading »

Dealing with SPAM

If you own an email address, you’re more than likely to have received a junk message from someone you don’t know, claiming to have an amazing product which you can buy at a few clicks of the mouse. There are … Continue reading »

XML Sitemaps

What do Google, Yahoo & Microsoft have in common? …They all advocate the use of sitemaps. All three companies jointly maintain the website “sitemaps.org” So what are sitemaps? Well theres the usual HTML sitemap, which is a section of a … Continue reading »

G-Mail is Now Free

G-Mail (Google Mail) is Google’s webmail service and was started as an experiment in 2004. Prior to yesterday, the only way you could get an account was by being invited by someone who already had a G-Mail account. G-Mail’s features … Continue reading »

Introduction to Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the oldest marketing techniques and closely related to conventional marketing. It can in most regards be compared to billboard advertising and in some cases it can even be compared to television advertising when flash banners … Continue reading »

Web Accessibility Lawsuits

You could be sued for not having alt tags on your site and other things that inhibit the disabled from using your site successfully. What? Can you be sued for that? Apparently so! More and more countries are passing laws … Continue reading »

Web-Design Blog Skin

Today we modified the skin/theme of our news blog to fit more in line with the rest of the web design. There are still some minor skin issues to be resolved but as a whole, it seems to be working … Continue reading »

Microsoft Frontpage Discontinued

Over the years, FrontPage has developed a really bad name in Professional Web Design Circles. Not because there is something diabolically wrong with the product, but because it used to be shipped with Microsoft Office so everyone & their secretary … Continue reading »


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