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Web Design Special Characters

While designing a website, it is inevitable, that at some point you will need to add a special character to a page, whether it be a currency symbol, a copyright sign, or a foreign character. It is important that you … Continue reading »

Free SEO – Market your Website for Free

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often seen to be a mythical practice with online marketing companies not always being transparent about how they intend to improve the rankings of a client’s website. The truth is that search engine optimization is … Continue reading »

Average Price for Web Design – 2009

Over the years, we’ve had some potential clients tell us we’re expensive, and others ask if we inadvertently left off a zero on our quote because we’re so cheap. Eventually, towards the end of 2009, our curiosity got the better … Continue reading »

Microsoft Expression SuperPreview

Cross browser friendly web design… If you are a good web designer, you will want to make sure that your web design looks the same in all browsers. Adhering to W3C standards helps a lot in this arena, but even so, if you’ve been web designing for a while, you will have figured out by now that IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) is the bane of all web designers. Continue reading »

What your Website should Do for You and What You should Do for your Website

Your new website is up and running. Now what? Are you going to sit back and wait for orders of your products or services to come flying in? What if nothing happens? Are you going to curse the web designer, … Continue reading »

Introduction to CSS Website Design

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is modern way to use a website design to create a website layout and apply various styles to the website in conjunction with HTML code. CSS has been a standard in web design for some … Continue reading »

IE8 Beta Launched

Microsoft have just launched Internet Explorer 8 Beta and it has some very interesting features. While other leading browsers like FireFox, Opera and Safari have tried to build their sites with the World Wide Web Consortium’s standards in mind, Internet … Continue reading »

Choosing a Hosting Provider for your Website

Choosing a hosting provider can be a daunting task with the many hosting providers and options available. It need not be an exhausting exercise though, if you know how to look for the features that are important for your website. … Continue reading »

(X)HTML 5.0

Today the W3C released an editors draft of HTML 5. (X)HTML 5.0, also referred to as Web Applications 1.0, is now in it’s early stages of development, which means that you can even take part in some of the discussion … Continue reading »

Keywords are Key to Web Design

We all know they won’t come just because you built the site – the site has to place well in the search engines to pull the traffic. Of course, placement can be bought through Pay Per Click advertising, but there … Continue reading »


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