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Why DuckDuckGo is Better than Google

Let’s face it, Google Search has become the Scrooge McDuck of the search world. A once functional engine that now abuses its monopoly with nearly as many adverts as organic (real, not paid for) search results. Most of the time, … Continue reading »

Firefox Quantum – Why is it faster?

For those interested in web browsers: Firefox has just released a new rebuilt version called ‘Firefox Quantum’, which is reportedly faster than Google Chrome. Google Chrome’s speed has been a notable factor in its successful campaign of getting users to … Continue reading »

Browser Testing for Multiple IE’s and Mobiles

You’re a good web designer and you want to ensure that the websites you design are accessible, user friendly and display correctly for as wide an audience as possible. Its simple enough to install the ‘big 5’: Internet Explorer, Firefox, … Continue reading »

Designers: Save your eyes with f.lux

Designers, almost more than any other workers, punish their eyes by routinely working deadlines late into the night. f.lux is a small free program developed to help reduce eye-strain. Basically it warms up the colour temperature of your screen during … Continue reading »

Microsoft Expression SuperPreview

Cross browser friendly web design… If you are a good web designer, you will want to make sure that your web design looks the same in all browsers. Adhering to W3C standards helps a lot in this arena, but even so, if you’ve been web designing for a while, you will have figured out by now that IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) is the bane of all web designers. Continue reading »

Microsoft Frontpage Discontinued

Over the years, FrontPage has developed a really bad name in Professional Web Design Circles. Not because there is something diabolically wrong with the product, but because it used to be shipped with Microsoft Office so everyone & their secretary … Continue reading »


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