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Our adverts section of the web design directory is getting a little crowded and we’ve been receiving more and more enquiries from companies who wish to pay more to be at the top of the ad list. We couldn’t allow that because all our current advertisers applied on a first come first serve basis, so to suddenly change the rules just wouldn’t be fair on them.

Instead, we’ve decided to allow advertising on the most coveted page, the web design home page.

Unlike priority listings, we are only allowing a set number of adverts per page at a much higher rate so that there is less competition for those spots. These adverts are less restrictive in terms of content and the advertising opportunity is open to the public – not just South African web designers – though the advertiser’s product or service must still relate to the web design industry.

Unlike most websites who offer advertising space, the adverts you purchase on web-design.co.za are not set to rotate. In other words, you do not have to share your advert spot with any other advertisers. If you pay for a month of advertising in a certain spot, your advert will remain, unchallenged, in that spot for the entire time.

If you are interesting in advertising your product or service on either the homepage of web-design.co.za or one of the web design article pages, please proceed to our web-design advertising page where you can read about specifications, pricing etc, and ultimately apply for your advert.

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