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How to Request a Quote for your Website Design

We routinely get requests like ‘What will you charge me for a website?’…which we don’t mind. That’s a perfectly legitimate way to start a conversation…but, please know that there isn’t a one word answer we can give you because it … Continue reading »

How To Choose a Good Web Designer…or At Least Avoid a Bad One.

Choosing a web design company is like playing the lotto if you don’t know what to look for. If you don’t know the warning signs of a poor designer, you could very well end up with a lot of stress … Continue reading »

6 Reasons You’ll Never Get That Design Job

I run my own business and I’ve been receiving unsolicited curriculum vitaes (aka resumés) almost every day for over a decade. I’ve seen it all, and as a potential employer, I can tell you where you’re going wrong. Read on … Continue reading »

Best text alignment for your website

What types of typographic alignments are available? Before we get into what type of text alignment is best for your website, let’s first discuss the options… Left Aligned Text When lines of text are left aligned, they are flush on … Continue reading »

Why Not Wix?

Let me just get this out the way: I’m biased. I am a professional web designer and my livelihood does depend on customers hiring me to build them proper websites instead of doing it themselves with Wix…HOWEVER…that does not change … Continue reading »

4 Things to Remove from Your Website…

Some people are just followers. They will never be on the cutting edge of anything other than a mishap with sharp cutlery in a dirty sink. That’s ok though. Not everybody needs to be a pioneer. Most people just get … Continue reading »

What is UX Design?

You may have heard the term ‘UX Design’ or seen someone advertising themselves as a ‘UX Designer’ and thought to yourself: ‘what the hell is this now?’ Well, I’ll tell you… ‘UX’ stands for ‘User Experience’. The OCD part of … Continue reading »

What your Brand Colour Says about your Business

An infographic by Free Creatives

Is it time to get your site mobile-friendly?

Maybe you’re like me, and you still think of your cellphone as simply, a mobile telephone…a means to make a phonecall whilst on the run. Maybe, unlike those around you, you don’t sit with your eyeballs glued to your smartphone … Continue reading »

How to Annoy your Website Visitors in 7 Easy Steps.

Sarcasm may be the lowest form of wit, but it beats boring, so here goes… 1. Have a pointless splash screen A splash screen is a page that you make your customers go through before getting to your actual site … Continue reading »


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