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Web Design Awards

Web Design Award

What is the Web Design award?

Because of all those ugly websites out there, we feel that good web design should be rewarded. We have a simple, yet effective criteria for judging web design. You can see this criteria below...


  • Valid Code
    Please ensure that your website's code is error-free. You can check your code for each page of your site with the W3C Markup Validator. If your site's code validation fails, even for 1 error, your site does not qualify for an award - so have some pride in your work and build your site properly.
  • Proper Domain
    Our validation checker is developed to only check the root domain, so no sub domains or pages apart from the home page will be considered for an award.
  • Unique Design
    No templates or themes will be considered for an award, unless you built that theme yourself from scratch.

Judging Criteria

  • Aesthetic Appeal (55%)
    The overall look of your website including colour combinations, proportional spacing, crispness of graphics and visual impact.
  • Speed (15%)
    How long your website takes to load. If you haven't optimised your graphics for web you aren't thinking about your customers that don't have great Internet connections.
  • Navigation & User Friendliness (30%)
    How easy it is to find the buttons and get around the site, whether the layout is logical and if there is continuity between pages.

If your score total is 90% or above, you qualify for an award.

What Happens After Nomination?

If your Site Qualifies...

Should your site win an award, you will be able to display a web design award button on your site. Visitors will be able to check the authenticity of this award with our awards checker.

In the near future, we plan to create a gallery of past winners as a showcase.

This is what an award badge looks like (it also comes in neutral colours in case the orange clashes with your site):

If your Site Doesn't Qualify...

Once your site has been submitted for an award, you will be presented with a confirmation page that contains a nomination badge. You are welcome to display this badge on your site as long as you adhere to the linking rules. In this way, even if you don't win, you still get something for your effort.

This is what a nominee badge looks like (it also comes in neutral colours in case the orange clashes with your site):

So go ahead and nominate your site. You've got nothing to lose.