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IE9’s Marketing BS

A few years back there was a prevalent internet banner advert by Mozilla Firefox claiming that by switching to Firefox, you could surf the web faster. I remember having a good laugh about the blatant lie and even proved it was a lie to a colleague using a stop watch. Whether it was through that campaign’s lies or something else, Firefox grew from a little known browser to a serious power player.

It seems that Microsoft are so insecure that they are trying their hand at some outlandish claims themselves. Have a read through their marketing campaign below…

Internet Explorer 9 Marketing BS

So it seems that Microsoft would have us believe that not only will your 386k modem be miraculously transformed into a 1 meg line, but videos will automatically have better quality and ugly websites will miraculously redesign themselves.

And what’s with the line about unlocking the other 90% of your computer’s power? Are they trying to insinuate that your Pentium 1 will be transformed into an i7 chip, or are they admitting it’s going to be bloatware.

‘Why Upgrade?’ … Better security and HTML 5 support … Fair enough, but why add all the other lies? Just because most computer users aren’t tech-savvy, does that give them the right to make stupid claims?

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