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Web Design Awards

The web design award feature is now available to anyone who would like to nominate a website. Thank you to José Lapa of .COZA Web Design for designing the great looking web design award buttons. The buttons can be proudly displayed on the websites that win an award from web-design.co.za. The winners will also be displayed for a time on the site…a bit of free advertising never hurt anyone!


6 Responses to Web Design Awards

  1. Chatmaster says:

    This is an outstanding idea! What deciding factors are you thinking of using when rating the sites that are competing?

  2. admin says:

    Thank you! This page: http://www.web-design.co.za/getAward.htm has the judging criteria. It’s quite simple, but fair I think. I’m open to suggestions.

  3. Christo says:

    I tried to nominate [url removed] but there seems to be a problem with your submit form. I keep getting the error below although I have filled the compulsory field.

    Form Error

    You have not filled in one or more of the compulsory fields. All fields are compulsory.

    Kind Regards,

  4. admin says:

    Thanks so much for bringing that to our attention!

    We have fixed the error, and it will work for you now. Just to be on the safe side…refresh your browser so the old page is not still in your cache.

  5. Chatmaster says:

    Excellent criteria! Not to technical and easy to understand.

    I like the aesthetics being 40%, but if you do not mind can I make a suggestion that you take 10% from speed and add it to “Navigation & User Friendliness” I just feel that Usability is more important than speed at this stage.

    Also is there a distinction between flash websites and HTML sites as far as aesthetics are concerned?

  6. admin says:

    Speed for me is super important, and I read somewhere that if your page hasn’t loaded in 10 seconds, 90% of users will move on to the next site…mind you…I could have the figures wrong, because I can’t remember where the hell I read it! 😉 Speed is where I would differentiate between flash & HTML, but aesthetics…but whether it’s in flash or plain html it needs to look good. I find most people over do the flash.


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