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Web Design Award

What is the web design award

Because of all those ugly websites out there, we feel that good web design should be rewarded.  We have a simple, yet effective criteria for judging web design. You can see this criteria below...

Judging Criteria

Aesthetic Appeal (55%)
The overall look of your website including colour combinations, proportional spacing, crispness of graphics and visual impact.
Speed (10%)
How long your website takes to load. This could be affected by how well you optimised your graphics, animation and sound and the web host that you chose.
Navigation & User Friendliness (15%)
How easy it is to find the buttons and get around the site, whether the layout is logical and if there is continuity between pages.
Cross-Browser Friendliness (10%)
Your site should look good on all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari)
Code (10%)
The amount of errors in your code according to the W3C, and accessibility issues, outlined by the British Disability Discrimination Act.

If your score total is 80% or above, you qualify for an award.

Apply for a web design award

If you think your site is an example of good web design, then apply for a web design award. This is open to everyone, and all sites. Should you win an award, you will be able to display a web design award button (featured on the right) on your site. Also, a linked thumbnail of the awarded site & a congratulatory message will be displayed in the top right section of this page for a limited time...

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