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(X)HTML 5.0

Today the W3C released an editors draft of HTML 5. (X)HTML 5.0, also referred to as Web Applications 1.0, is now in it’s early stages of development, which means that you can even take part in some of the discussion and give suggestions here At this stage it looks as though the first browsers to support (X)HTML 5 would be Mozilla, Opera & Safari, which is a reasonable assumption given that they were responsible for starting the HTML update initiative, of which the W3C is now a part of. It is said that it is being developed with IE compatibility in mind, so it should degrade gracefully in older browsers. It has also been said that we don’t need to wait for browsers to integrate this new technology before we start using the codes, but personally, we think it might be a bad idea to jump in prematurely because of the chance of growing attached to or comfortable with certain elements only to find that they have not been included in the final specification. It is estimated that HTML 5 will reach a W3C recommendation in the year 2022 or later. This will be approximately 18-20 years of development, since beginning in mid-2004, however given the nature of the web design business, we think it’s fairly safe to assume that designers will be using these new elements LONG before it becomes a specification. Although subject to possible change, it seems as though HTML 5 is not a whole lot different to HTML 4. There are some interesting additions to the semantic elements such as <footer> & <nav> which will in theory help machines (screen readers, search engines and the like) understand the structure of a page a little easier.

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