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Report Website Spam Those of you who own a blog or forum in some form will really know what spam is. Websites like these suffer from daily deluges of comment spam…comments that are placed for one reason only, and that is ‘link dropping’. Individuals (bot mostly spam bots) will post completely unrelated comments with links to their own websites. What these morons don’t know is that links from unrelated pages don’t hold much weight in search engine algorithms anymore. It’s about quality not quantity. The real problem is that some of these comments tend to be criminal in nature. The adult industry is one thing, but when you start to get comments with links pointing to websites containing rape videos, etc, that’s when you need to take action. If enough of us report these sites, we will make life that much more difficult for them, and that makes me happy! The first thing you need to do is start logging IP addresses, many blogs such as WordPress will have this feature built in for you, but if your blog or forum doesn’t, chances are that there will be a plugin that you can download to do it for you. The next thing you need to know, is where to report these links…

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