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Nominate your Site for a Web Design Award

Good web design should be rewarded. If you think your site is an example of good web design, then apply for a web design award. Please read through the rules before applying for a web design award...

Nomination Rules

  • Before applying, check the code on each page of your site with the W3C Markup Validator to ensure there are no errors. Even one error will disqualify the site.
  • Subdomains & individual page links will be disqualified. We want the root website only. http://yoursite.wordpress.com - will be disqualified
    http://www.yoursite.com/somepage - will be disqualified
    http://www.yoursite.com/ - is fine
  • No sites with pop up ads or similar annoyances allowed
  • Do not submit sites that are still under construction
  • Do not resubmit your site, unless you have redesigned it
  • Unless you designed the theme from scratch, do not claim to be the designer of a website that uses WordPress/Drupal, etc.

Web Design Award Nomination Form

Your Details Quite simply, your name. Your email address will remain private.
Nominee Details The website that you think deserves a web design award. Name of the person / company you want credited with the design of the above website. The website address of the designer.
Does it Qualify? If you are unsure, please check it here before submitting. Only error-free websites qualify for a nomination.
Clicking 'apply' indicates that you have read and agree to the rules on this page.