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New Responsive Design

You may have noticed that our blog skin no longer matches the rest of our website. This is because we are slowly converting the site to a new responsive design and haven’t gotten to the blog yet. We will be creating a custom WordPress theme to match the rest of the site in the near future.

Besides the responsiveness, we have slightly rebranded and also created some brand new web design award winner and nominee logos, so be sure to nominate your site to grab a nominee button, and potentially a winner button too, if your application is successful.

Admin Edit
As you can see, our new custom responsive theme is now in place as well.


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  1. Graham says:

    Great to see you guys moving to a responsive web design given that so many users are browsing on their mobile devices these days. We also recently converted or should I say re-designed our entire website to be full design responsive – it is no small feat and far more work that we initially thought.

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