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If you would like to advertise your company on the front page of, please proceed...

The Rules
  1. This advertising opportunity is open to the public, but only a limited number of advertising slots per page will be available at any given time.
  2. First come, first served. Whoever pays first gets the top spot. Whoever pays second, gets the second spot & so on.
  3. We reserve the right to deny this advertising opportunity to companies we feel will not be beneficial to our website's visitors.
  4. No vigorous flashing/jumping/otherwise hideous adverts will be accepted - let's not annoy people / give epileptic fits.
  5. If you want to track the hits, that is up to you - you are welcome to supply a custom link code for your advert if that will help you track.

Advertising Rates and Specifications
Advert Size Advert Cost
Triple Slot R 1 250.00 / month
Double Slot R 950.00 / month
Single Slot R 450.00 / month
Explanation of Advert Sizes & Slots

Each page has only 3 advert slots available and there will be no ad-rotation. That means you don't need to share your advert spot with any other advertisers. If you pay for a spot, it's yours and yours alone until it expires.

  • Triple Slots
    A triple slot is a wide skyscraper ( 160px wide x 600px high ).
    Advert may be .jpg / .gif / .png / .swf
    If you take a triple slot, nobody else will be able to purchase advertising space on that page until your advert expires.
  • Double Slots
    A double slot is two thirds of a wide skyscraper ( 160px wide x 400px high )
    Advert may be .jpg / .gif / .png / .swf
    If you take a double slot, then there is one single slot available for someone else to advertise in.
  • Single Slots
    A single slot is one third of a wide skyscraper ( 160px wide x 200px high )
    Advert may be .jpg / .gif / .png / .swf
    If you take a single slot, then there are either two single slots or one double slot available for someone else to advertise in.
Payment Options
  • PayPal if foreign exchange
  • EFT if local South African bank

Advert Application Form
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Advert Details PAYMENT METHOD: EFT PayPal

ADVERT SIZE DESIRED: Triple Double Single

The company to whom the advert invoice will be made out to. This is the address that your advert will point to.
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